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Setting up email with Outlook (POP)

Before you get started, make sure you know your POP login.

You can look it up by going to Email Manager->POP Email Accounts on the ActionWeb control panel.

Once you have confirmed your POP email, login, and password, open Outlook. Type in your email, press advanced options, and click "Let me set up my account manually."

After clicking "Connect", Outlook will prompt you for advanced setup. When it does, select "POP":

Outlook will prompt you for POP account settings. Enter your domain name for both the incoming mail and outgoing mail servers. Change the outgoing mail port to 2525.

Type in your POP Email Account password and press connect.

Outlook will then ask you for additional account information. Change the username from your email to your POP login, as shown below.

You will get a success message from Outlook. Press done, and your email account will be setup!

To view your emails, click on the arrow next to your email on the left side of the screen; then click inbox.

Last updated September 28, 2020
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