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Our standard mailing list feature is a simple way to get an email message out to several people at once. Our standard mailing lists should be used for email lists with under 1,000 subscribers and with messages that are 100k or smaller in size. 

To setup a mailing list, select the Mailing Lists option on the Email Manager menu in ServerTools.  ServerTools can also generate a custom subscribe and unsubscribe form which you can put on your web page to allow your users to subscribe to your list automatically.

Password Protecting Your List

Sometimes you don't want others to be able to post messages to your list. In order to prevent this, enter a password in the List Password field.

To send a message to a password protected list, add the following to the Subject: line of your message (replace "YourPasswordHere" with your real password):


This will automatically be removed from the subject line before it is delivered to your list.  For example, if you wanted the subject line of your message to look like this:

Subject: Monthly Newletter

You would add your password information like this:

Subject: Monthly Newletter [Password=YourPasswordHere]


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