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Setting up your POP email account with Thunderbird

These instructions will show you how to configure your POP3 email account to download mail from Thunderbird, which is a free email program that can be downloaded for free for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

  1. Download and install Thunderbird:
  2. From the menu bar, click the File and select New > Existing Mail Account....
  3. Enter your Full name, your Email address and Password and then click on the Configure manually link:


  1. Use the following values for the Manual configuration:
    • For the hostname, you can use your domain name but it's better to add a mail. prefix.
    • Your POP login can be found in the Action Web control panel
    Incoming Server
    Protocol POP3
    Hostname mail.yourDomainName
    Port 110
    Connection security Autodetect
    Authentication method Autodetect
    Username (Your POP login)
    Outgoing Server
    Hostname mail.yourDomainName
    Port 2525
    Connection security Autodetect
    Authentication method Autodetect
    Username (Your POP login)
  2. Click on the Re-test button to confirm your settings. If it fails, double-check the values and try a second time. Either way, a second test may be required for those who are still using the POP-before-SMTP setup.
  3. Click on the Done button.
  4. A Warning window may pop up about not using encryption. After reading the warning, click on the I understand the risks checkbox and then click on the Confirm button
  5. Click on the Finish button to be taken to your in-box.
Last updated November 14, 2023
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