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Beagle/Bagle (Mass-Mailing) - 3/2004

This worm is often called Beagle but has been referred also as Bagle. It is a mass-mailing e-mail worm which spoofs the FROM header. As of this writings there are at least 10 strains of it active. The most reported is strain J. This strain is easily identified by the message and the payload.

The message claims to come from "support" or "adminsitration" or other such generic but important sounding email addresses. It is also generically worded claiming that the e-mail system is down, that the sender is spewing a virus and other such important sounding missives.

The payload is a password protected ZIP file claiming to be more information or a free anti-virus scanner.

Specific information on this strain can be located here:
Symantec's page on Beagle.J@MM

To see information on other strains sinply replace the letter "j" in the worm name to the particular strain you wish information on.

Last updated March 29, 2004
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