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How do I export my EzMLM mailing list addresses?

EzMLM stores subscriber addresses in a manner that is efficient for it's own management, but one that does not allow for easy manual editing. Exporting your list is also useful if your EzMLM list has become corrupted. A corrupted list can be fixed by exporting your list, removing the corrupted entries, and <kbl=56>importing</a> it again.

To export your list do the following:

  • Login to your account using <kbl=51>SSH</a>.
  • To export your list to a text file use the following command:

ezmlm-list DIR > list.txt

Replace DIR with the directory name your list is stored in, and list.txt with the filename and path you want the exported addresses to be stored in. Using the example of an EzMLM list named, and assuming the name of the text file want is list.txt, the command would look like this:

ezmlm-list /home/abc123/ezmlm-newsletter/ > /home/abc123/list.txt

  • You can either edit the list from the server using an editor like pico or download the text file to your own computer and edit it with an editor like the Windows Notepad.

After editing your list, you may wish to <kbl=56>import back into EzMLM</a>.

Last updated February 11, 2002
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