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Getting Support from ActionWeb

At ActionWeb, you can expect to receive the highest level of support found in the industry.  If you asked any customer what their favorite thing is about ActionWeb, and they most certainly will tell you that it's our support.  We really care about making our customers happy and we're super good resolving any issues that should arise.  Apparently that's a rare thing these days.

In order to achieve this amazing level of support, we've established a few policies and standards that help us categorize and prioritize the requests we receive so that we can provide the highest level of support possible.  Here's how it works:

Standard Support Request
These are requests that come through the channels described on our contact page with the exception of the Emergency Support request with is described below.  Standard Support Requests will usually be resolved within 1 business day.  Quite often in less than an hour, bit it can vary depending on current support loads. Our business days are Monday through Friday.  Support requests must be related to our service and not require more than 15 minutes of our time to complete.  Requests that take longer than 15 minutes to complete are billable at our current consulting rate* and you will be given an estimate before billable work begins.  If the issue turns out to be a problem on our end, there is no charge.

Special Requests
These are requests that a customer makes for support or features that are not considered standard to our service.   These types of requests will receive a confirmation response back to the customer within 1 business day acknowledging that the request has been received.  Normally, if the request takes less than 15 minutes to complete, it will usually be done in 1-3 business days at no charge.  If the Special Request will take more than 15 minutes to complete, it will be billed at our regular consulting rate*.  Before any billable work begins, the customer will be given an an estimate on the amount of time it will take to complete along with a quote that includes our current consulting rate.

Emergency Support Request
Requesting support through our emergency contact form using the "Emergency Support" option on our contact page sends an emergency page to the server admin on call and is billable at the rate of $175/hour (with a one hour minimum), with the following exceptions: 

  • Customers that have a monthly bill of $1000/month or greater are allowed one free Emergency Support incident per month.  (And another free incident for each additional $1000/month in billed services.)
  • You are reporting a service outage that is within our control.  Please note that we have multiple monitoring systems that will alert us of issues on our end and reporting an outage is not usually required.  Emergency support requests to report outages that are not on our end are billable requests.  For example, emergency support requests for outages caused by an application you installed or reaching capacity on your dedicated server (for any reason) are billable.
  • It is during normal business hours and a regular support request you have made has taken more than 1 business day to receive a response (i.e. you have good reason to believe we are not receiving your messages)

Second Level Phone Support (Dedicated Server Customers Only)
Second level phone support is offered to our dedicated server customers only and must be scheduled in advance.  Only one 15 minute incident per month is included with each dedicated server with no roll-over time.  Time exceeding 15 minutes is billed at our normal consulting rate*.  Unscheduled calls directly to second level phone support will be billed at the Emergency Support services rate as explained above.

Server Administration (Dedicated Server Customers Only)
Any change to the server that requires root access that requires less than 15 minutes of time is generally free, as long as it is a change that is allowed by our ServerTools management system.  This would include server software installs or upgrades that needs to be installed by root.  If it is a complicated server package that requires more than 15 minutes of tuning or configuration, then the standard consulting rate* applies (billed in 15 minute increments).  Once the 15 minute time is reached, you will be notified and an estimate will be given to complete the project and we will wait for your approval to proceed. Software installs that do not require root access are not covered and are billable from the start of the project. If the software requires a license, then you obviously would be responsible for paying the applicable license fee.   If a software install/upgrade needs to be done at a specific time of day (e.g. in the middle of the night) there is no extra charge if it is scheduled in advance.

*Our standard consulting rate is $125/hour as of 01/01/2014.

Last updated May 30, 2017
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