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Managed Dedicated Servers

It's time to get serious about your e-business. 

Our Managed Dedicated Server plan is perfect for:

  • Web designers that want to increase their profitability while giving their clients the best hosting features available on the market.

  • Small businesses that want the increased performance and security that comes with a dedicated server, but do not want the headaches of setting up and managing their own dedicated server.

We manage the hardware, security updates, and backups.  You will have ServerTools access for each site hosted on your server, so that having a dedicated server is just easy to use as our shared hosting plans.  Key features of our service include: 

  • ServerTools, the world's easiest, most innovative control panel.
  • Personal, friendly and prompt support.
  • Cutting edge features.
  • Tons of disk space and bandwidth.
  • Reliable service.
  • The list goes on and on...

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Features at a glance:
Managed Dedicated Server (No root access)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5Ghz Processor
100 GB Transfer
1 Managed Virtual Server*

Technical Details:

Managed Dedicated Server (No root access)
       How would you like to be thrown into the pilot's seat of an airplane at 12,000 feet with no training and no parachute? If you've leased a dedicated server before, this allegory may sound familiar to you. But, now you can put your fears to rest with our Managed Dedicated Server. We handle hardware issues, backups, and security updates so that you don't have to become a server administrator just to take advantage of the benefits of a dedicated server. Need something installed that requires root access? In most cases, we can do that for you at no extra charge.
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5Ghz Processor
       Genuine Intel processing power.
       High speed DDR400 RAM.
       Screaming fast 160 gig Serial ATA drive.
100 GB Transfer
       One hundred gigs of transfer! For the average website, that's enough to support thousands of visitors per day.
1 Managed Virtual Server*
       Each Managed Virtual Server includes a ServerTools license and can host one domain name and unlimited domain aliases. Domain registration fees apply.
Managed Virtual Server Details:

Add up to 200 Managed Virtual Servers to your Managed Dedicated Server for $4.95 per month each. Each Managed Virtual Server you add includes the following features:

ServerTools Control Panel
       Our browser based ServerTools control panel sets a new standard in the industry for ease of use, power and innovation. Virtually all features of your hosting plan can be controlled, configured and monitored with this powerful tool. Unlike other hosting companies that are at the mercy of third party solutions, we are the sole owners and developers of ServerTools. Think of something else you'd like to see ServerTools do? Just let us know, and you'll be amazed by how much we listen to our customers.
Unlimited RoboConnect Mailing Lists
       RoboConnect makes it easy to stay in contact with customers, friends and associates. A few benefits of RoboConnect include:
  • Increased readership of your email broadcasts through message personalization.
  • Automatic subscription form generator to help grow your subscriber base.
  • Use our WYSIWYG editor to create professional or fun custom email templates.
  • And much, much more...
Domain Hosting
       Your domain name is how people will find your site on the web (e.g. and is also used as the extension on your email address (e.g. Domain registration fees apply.
Unlimited Domain Aliases
       Domain Aliases are alternate domain names that point to your main domain. Your visitors can use any of your domain aliases in place of your main domain name to visit your site or send you email messages. Domain registration fees apply.
1 GB Backup Space
       We run automatic backups on each Managed Virtual Server on your Managed Dedicated Server. In the event of a severe hardware failure, we will restore your sites on a new server. Extra space available for Managed Virtual Servers that exceed the included backup space.
Unlimited POP Email Accounts
       Create your own custom email accounts on your domain (e.g. Email accounts use the POP protocol and can be accessed using popular email programs such as Outlook and Eudora. Or, using our Webmail interface, your email is accessible via any computer connected to the Internet.
Unlimited Forwarding Email Addresses
       With forwarding email addresses, you can setup vanity email addresses on your domain like,, and have them forwarded all to one or more email accounts.
Unlimited Email Responders
       Email Responders can be used to send an automatic email response when email is received at specified addresses on your domain.
Webmail Email Access
       Using our Script Installation Wizard, you can instantly install Webmail on your domain so that you can login to your email accounts on your domain from any computer connected to the Internet.
Unlimited Mailing Lists
       Get the message out quickly to all your contacts using our easy to use Mailing List feature. A subscription form wizard is included that makes it easy for your contacts to subscribe and unsubscribe from your lists.
Unlimited Script Installation Wizard
       Installing dynamic scripts on your website is now as easy as a few mouse clicks with our Script Installation Wizard. Find a script that isn't in our script library? Let us know, and we'll consider adding it.
Unlimited Private Web Directories
       Create private areas on your website that require a login to access. Easily manage what users can access these areas using our ServerTools Control Panel.
Microsoft FrontPage Manager
       Creating websites with Microsoft's FrontPage program is quick and easy. However, anyone who has used FrontPage long enough realizes that Microsoft's extensions occassionally break and need to be repaired or re-installed. Using our exclusive ServerTools FrontPage Manager, you can remove, repair or re-install the extensions on demand.
Unlimited FTP User Account(s)
       Update your site 24 hours a day using most any website editor that supports FTP, such as DreamWeaver, Homesite and most others. Additional FTP accounts allow portions of your site to be managed by separate webmasters.
Graphical Site Statistics
       Graphically view how many visitors your site is receiving and where they came from. Also graphically monitor your disk space usage.
PHP, Perl and Python
       Create dynamic applications using Perl, Python, and, our favorite, PHP. Support for these scripting languages makes it possible to not only create new applications, but take advantage of thousands of ready made scripts that are available online (many of which are free). For developing new applications we recommend PHP, because of it's speed and power.
Unlimited MySQL Databases
       MySQL's award-winning speed, scalability and reliability make it the right database choice for corporate IT departments and web developers. It's no wonder that the MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Each database can support hundreds of tables and applications.
SSL Capabilities
       Enabling SSL capabilities on your site shows your customers that you are serious about protecting their private information.
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
       SSH gives you command line access to the server. Advanced users will appreciate the added speed and flexibility of ssh access when it comes to development and script installation.

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