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Enabling SSL Directly on Your Virtual Server

Enabling SSL directly on your virtual server has the following advantages over using the shared secure server:

  • All pages on your site can be accessed in either standard or SSL mode. 

  • No extra steps required to upload the SSL enabled pages.

  • Easier implentation of scripts (e.g. shopping carts).

We charge a one time fee for the initial setup and installation of your certificate.  In order to enable SSL on your virtual server, the following steps must be completed:
  1. Make sure that your plan supports it. Upgrade if needed.

  2. Choose the SSL certificate vendor you will use. 

  3. Complete the SSL CSR Email Request Form and send it to us via email.

  4. Within the next business day we will email you the CSR you will need to order your SSL certificate from the vendor you have chosen.  When you place the order, be sure to select "Apache MOD+SSL" as your server type.

  5. Once you receive the SSL certificate back from the vendor.  Send it to us by email so that we may install it for you.


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last updated Aug 6, 2004
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