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How do I keep message attachments from being sent to my EzMLM list?

There are two ways you can prevent attachments from being sent to your list:

1. Automatically remove attachments from list messages.
EzMLM lists setup on or after April 26, 2002 are setup by default to remove most types of attachments from message posts. To add this feature to an existing list, do the following:


  • Login to your account using <kbl=51>SSH</a>.
  • Run the following command (where DIR is the full path of the directory where your EzMLM list is stored):
    <pre>ezmlm-make -+ -x DIR</pre>
    For example, if your list address was, you would run the following command:
    <pre>ezmlm-make -+ -x /home/mycompany/ezmlm-members</pre>

æThat's it. Turning on this feature will also completely reject messages over 30k in size or under 2 bytes. To adjust these limits edit the DIR/msgsize file. The contents of this file should contain:

<pre><nop><max message size>:<min message size>â</pre>The size should be expressed in number of bytes.

2. Automatically reject messages that contain attachments.
You can also completely block messages that contain attachements by adding the following step:

<pre>cp -a DIR/mimeremove DIR/mimereject</pre>

Last updated June 26, 2002
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