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Publishing Your Web Site

Before you can publish your web site, you first need to create it. This can be accomplished with commercially available web page authoring software. Most authoring software will allow you to store and preview the site on your own computer's hard drive before publishing it online.

Once you have created your web site, you can publish it by uploading the site to your virtual server. Web pages that you upload are instantly visible via the World Wide Web. Many authoring programs automate this process for you with built in FTP upload support. Other programs require that you obtain your own FTP sofware to upload your site.

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage, you must first make sure that your virtual server has the FrontPage extensions installed before publishing your site. This is necessary because FrontPage does not use the FTP protocol for publishing. You can install the FrontPage extensions from your <kbl=7>ServerTools</a> control panel.

Last updated February 4, 2002
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