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How do I import email addresses into my EzMLM mailing list?

If you have a list of email addresses that you want to import (perhaps from another list manager like majordomo), do the following:

  • Put all the email addresses you want to import in a text file, with each address on a seperate line.
  • Upload the text file to the server in ASCII mode. (The default mode for FTP is usually binary, so be sure to switch to ASCII before uploading.)
  • Login to your account using <kbl=51>SSH</a>.
  • <font color=red>Skip this step if you do not want to delete all your existing subscribers!</font>
    If you want to remove all existing subscribers before importing your list, run the following command:

**rm -rf DIR/subscribers/***

Replace DIR with the directory where your EzMLM list is stored. If your EzMLM list name was, it would look like this:

**rm -rf /home/abc123/ezmlm-newsletter/subscribers/***

  • To import your list run the following command:

ezmlm-sub DIR < list.txt

Replace DIR with the directory name your list is stored in, and list.txt with the filename and path of the text file you uploaded. Using the example of an EzMLM list named, and assuming the name of the text file you uploaded was list.txt and stored in your home directory, the command would look like this:

ezmlm-sub /home/abc123/ezmlm-newsletter/ < /home/abc123/list.txt

If you skipped the previous step of removing existing subscribers, be sure that your import text file only has new subscribers. Otherwise you'll end up with duplicate entries in your list.

You can also import digest subscribers. First, be sure your list has a digest list setup. Then repeat the steps above, but add "digest/" to your list DIR. For example, for it would be:

ezmlm-sub /home/abc123/ezmlm-newsletter/digest/ < /home/abc123/list-digest.txt

Last updated July 15, 2002
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