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Authorizing your IP for FTP access

Action Web currently only supports the SFTP (SSH) protocol with FTP. Your IP must first be authorized before you will be given access. Your internet access provider may change your IP periodically and so we recommend doing the steps below before each FTP session.

Authorize your own IP address

  1. Login to Action Web at:
  2. If you only have one domain hosted with us, skip to the next step. Otherwise, click Select a Service to identify which domain you want to enable FTP for

  1. Navigate to Misc. Utilities > Secure Shell (SSH) Access:

  1. Set Toggle your SSH login to Enabled.
  2. Click Continue.

At this point, your IP address will automatically be added to the list of approved IPs for FTP and SSH access with 5 minutes (typically it will happen in less than 1 minute).

Authorize a third party IP address

If you need to authorize someone else to make updates to your website that does not have access to login to the Action Web control panel:

  1. Obtain the IP address from the person you are giving access to. (They can visit to obtain their IP.)
  2. Login to Action Web at:
  3. Navigate to Misc. Utilities > Secure Shell (SSH) Access.
  4. Set Toggle your SSH login to Enabled.
  5. Add the IP to the Authorized IP addresses list.
  6. Click Continue.
Last updated February 15, 2023
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