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Time out errors are one of the most common problems with using Microsoft FrontPage. Unfortunately, there can be many different causes for this problem and many different solutions. Some of the most commons causes are listed below.

Corrupted FrontPage Extensions
The FrontPage extensions are easily corrupted. Be sure to only use FrontPage to update your web site on the server, not FTP. If you suspect that your FrontPage extensions are corrupted you may either use the FrontPage Repair Tool or the FrontPage Install using the <kbl=7>ServerTools</a> FrontPage Manager. In some cases, it is necessary to completely uninstall the FrontPage extensions from your virtual server and re-install them. This can also be done using the <kbl=7>ServerTools</a> FrontPage Manager. Use the Remove FrontPage Extensions Option 1 first, and if that does not work, try Option 2, Delete all FrontPage components.

Large or Corrupted Web Site Files
While less common, occassionally FrontPage may have trouble with large or corrupted files on your site. If this should happen, it will be necessary to delete all files from your virtual server before re-publishing your site will be possible.

ISP Problems
Some ISP's may incorrectly detect your connection as "inactive" when you are publishing a large FrontPage site. This is because some ISP's monitor activity such a web browsing or FTP access in order to determine that your connection is still active and they may be terminating your connection in the middle of the publishing process. If you think this may be the problem, try opening a browser and browse the web during the publishing process or contact your ISP for assistance. AOL (America Online) has also reported that there may be problems publishing FrontPage sites via their service. If you are using AOL and are having this problem, try using a different ISP.

Last updated February 4, 2002
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