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Setting up a POP email box on an iPhone

After you have setup a POP email box in your ServerTools control panel, use the following steps to configure your iPhone email software to send and receive mail from your new email address.

1 - Select the Settings icon

2 - Scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3 - Click Add Account, then click Other at the bottom

4 - Click on Add Mail Account

5 - Enter your Name (your first and last name), Email (email address), Password (your POP3 login password), and a Description, then click Next in the upper right.

6 - Choose POP, and for the INCOMING MAIL SERVER, enter the following:
Host Name: (but use your real domain name)
User Name: This is the login name from ServerTools
Password: Use your POP3 password for this email created in Server Tools

7 - For the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER use the same information.  Then click the Next button in the top right.

8 - The verification process may take a minute.  Then there may be a warning about not being able to verify. Just choose the option to continue.

9 - Once the account sets up, you will need to go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendards.  Then choose your new Mail account.

10 - Scroll all the way down, and choose the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER that says SMTP <servername>

11 - Then click the PRIMARY SERVER option

12 - For the Use SSL option, turn that OFF

13- Then change the Server Port to 2525

Last updated July 26, 2016
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