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Cut and paste the form below into a new email message, complete the requested information, and send it to us with a subject line of "SSL Request".

**Once your SSL certificate has been ordered, none of the information on this form can be changed without ordering a replacement SSL certificate at your own expense.** 

---- begin cut below this line ----

PositiveSSL Certificate Order ($49)

Certificate details

Desired host name (see instructions below)*****:

Country Code:
(Example: US)

Organization Name**:
(Example: Marketing)


*****The host name must be a domain name you own that is pointing to our name servers.  You may also use a sub-domain if desired (i.e. ).  This is the domain name your visitors will use to view your site in SSL mode. 

**Some of the high-end SSL certificate vendors (such as Verisign) require that the organization name you choose match the one on the "whois" record for your domain.  They may also require one of the following legal documents to verify the identity of your organization:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business License
  • Doing Business As (DBA) registration papers
  • Partnership documentation
  • Sole Proprietorship documentation
Last updated March 13, 2018
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