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The Guestbook script offers a simple way for visitors to sign their name on a virtual 'guest list' along with some comments. To install a guestbook on your site, login to <kbl=7>ServerTools</a> and choose the Guestbook option from the Script Mananger menu.

The guestbook can be customized by editing the files that ServerTools installs. A description of each of the guestbook files is below.

guestbook.cgi: This is the cgi script of the guestbook component. Do not modify this file unless you are proficient in Perl programming.

guestbook.html: This is the default guestbook html file that is used to display guestbook entries. You can customize this file, but be sure to leave the <nop><!--begin-->â tag in place. New guestbook entries will be inserted into your page where this tag appears.

guestbook.setup: This plain text file will allow you to change a few things such as: profanities to filter out; required fields; and who, if anyone, should be notified when an entry to the guestbook has been made. If you edit this file offline, be sure to upload the file in ASCII mode.

Last updated February 4, 2002
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